Does your Family-Run Organization have a technical assistance need? If so, contact FREDLA! We would be thrilled to help strengthen the leadership and organizational capacity of your Family-Run Organization!


The Family-Run Executive Director Leadership Association (FREDLA) is a dynamic, new organization dedicated to building leadership and organizational capacity of state and local family-run organizations.


FREDLA’s mission is to: Empower and strengthen executive leaders of family-run organizations focused on the wellbeing of children and youth with mental health, emotional or behavioral challenges and their families.


Each core member of FREDLA is the executive director of a state or local family-run organization. While many family-run organizations are funded through a SAMHSA Statewide Family Network grant or System of Care grant, this is not a requirement for FREDLA membership.


FREDLA is a partner in the Technical Assistance Network providing technical assistance and consultation for family-run organizations to: strengthen family leadership, build organizational capacity, and work with system of care communities and agencies to foster the true meaning of a family-driven system of care. Technical Assistance and consultation is provided through a peer-to-peer model by experienced Executive Directors from local and state family-run organizations. Technical Assistance and consultation is tailored to the unique needs of the individual state and local communities and incorporates the cultural values and beliefs of families.


FREDLA offers a range of programs to build leadership and organizational capacity including:

  • A network of peers to call upon for resources and expertise
  • A one-day Leadership Camp for directors and emerging leaders of family and youth run organizations
  • Webinars tailored to the unique needs of family-run organizations in a changing health care climate. Topics include: Certification Options for Family/Parent Support providers; Accreditation for Family-Run Organizations; and Family-Run Organizations Becoming Medicaid Providers
  • Workshops on “Models of Family-Run Organizations: One Size Does Not Fit All” and “The Affordable Care Act: What Families and Family Run Organizations Need to Know”